The Fat Loss Factor Review – Pros and Cons of This Popular Weight Loss Diet

 There has been a lot of buzz about a miraculous fat loss program across the globe lately, the program is known as Fat Loss Factor. Everyone who is willing to lose extra inches from their waist is looking for this amazing weight loss treatment. In this short review, I’ll be telling you what this program is about and how it works.

What is Fat Loss Factor?

Doctor Michael Allen, a certified advanced nutritionist, has created this fat loss program for overweight and obese people to get rid of excessive fat from their body, in an easy and effective way. The program covers a reasonable period of 12 weeks and includes various nutritious and physical training guidelines. The program is mainly based on a healthy diet plan that is to clear out all the toxins from the body and urges its followers towards eating healthy and in right proportions. For the readers who are wondering what else is there in this program, let’s take a look at the goodies you’ll be provided with it:

  • The primary e-book
  • Exercising plans in detail
  • Exercise log
  • Master cleanse videos
  • Mini workouts for daily routine
  • FooJoo software
  • Grocery shopping list
  • A guide to set goals
  • Weight loss measuring forms
  • Recipes e-book

After reading all of that, we now have an idea of what Fat Loss Factor program is and in what way it could help us in cutting weight off of our body. Let’s see the pros and cons of the program now, to see what is exciting in it and on the contrary what is unwanted and unfavorable.


Personalizable: Weight Loss program by Doctor Michael is best known for its easy to use nature. The program has the much needed flexibility of personalization such that it can be customized to meet individual needs. Users are at liberty to alter the workout timetable according to their routine.

Money back guarantee: It offers a cool 60 days money back guarantee.

Coaching: After you buy this program you get yourself registered for a personal coaching via email directly from Dr Michael.

Easy to Adopt: Another very appealing thing about this program is that it is easy to adopt. No hard hitting rules, though it does need your commitment. The program is designed to shape up your lifestyle in a very convincing way. It goes gradually so that you won’t have to go cold turkey to achieve fast results on your body.


First two weeks are difficult to go through, as program demands your refinement from a few unhealthy activities from your daily life, which might be difficult for you. Not just that, it’d also need you to invest more money towards healthy food items. Moreover, commitment would be the most consistent feeling that you’d have to feel obliged for during the program.


Having said that, I feel Fat Loss Factor program is a very effective program and is capable of bringing out best results. One can follow it blindly, as it is the most potent and trustworthy program available in market.